7 thoughts on “Well hello there!

  1. Well, I see that you doing good so far!! Love to read more of your shopping, eating, make-up, hair-do etc. experiences!! Good luck my Dor!!

    • Aw Dor thanks so much. I didn’t know about the chia(?) seed. Ill look it up.. I’v used only the flax seeds. Awesome!! Please keep your reviews coming in.. I am going to try and do some health ones like this so it’s amazing to get additional info from people like u who care to share your thoughts!! I prefer this interaction. Thank you so much dor.. Lots of love.xxx

  2. Ouch!! I know heels are always pain in the a** or feet: πŸ™‚ But wedges are some exception! Totally agree!! One can walk around, dance, jump, anything for that matter! They are perfect for the fall or should I say autumn?? Enjoy your new boots!!

  3. hey!! i just love ur blog…. you are tempting me to buy the shoes now!!! n ur accessiories… dont even get me started i am blow with the collection,, it is awesome.. im going to take u to shopping one day!!! keep up the gd work…lov u xxx

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