Leather it up

Every other person is walking around in leather or leather-like shoes, clothes, accessories. So I as usual decided to go with the flow. I have never been a fan of leather jackets because, a) they are short (waist length and I wouldn’t dare to go long cause I will end up looking like terminator! Lol) and don’t disguise my bad bits like bum n thighs 😦 and b) I thought I couldn’t pull them off! However, I did buy a leather jacket the year of 2010 which I went totally crazy about in the store and after 1 use it went back straight into the closet unnoticed. I finally brought it out of the closet to go on a night out with my girls in July where nights in London were a bit chilli.

20121005-040419 PM.jpg
After that night I absolutely fell in love with my jacket. I did not stop at that, I decided that I wanted a more biker look to my jacket and went shopping. After several hours of looking and finding the right one, my eyes fell on these very cool biker leather-like jacket in Zara. The price was reasonable, it made me happy and so the jacket goes off the racks. A week after I bought my second jacket, I fell for a third waterfall faux suede-leather jacket.

20121005-034449 PM.jpg
And so it doesn’t stop at the jackets! Then comes the skirts and trousers. On a casual shopping trip with a friend, we spot these amazing leather panel trousers by river island. Although a little pricy I think it’s perfect as it creates an illusion to slim down my beefy thighs (*eek*). To worsen my obsession, I spotted these H&;M leather like trousers a couple of days ago (which is a lot more cheaper than the river island leather panel trousers). I was worried about the fit but once I tried it on I absolutely love love loveeee these trousers. Although a size 14 is still slightly tight, I couldn’t just say ‘no’ to these. You can be certain that I will defiantly be wearing them a lot for this season (it keeps my leg warm!) with long tops.

20121005-035943 PM.jpg
I also love the leather-like skirts. The pencil skirt is so stylish and I would love to own one of these, however, they do not do any justice to my body type so I will like always stick to the skater/flared skirt.

20121011-031634 PM.jpg
Are you liking the leather too?x

20121013-041710 PM.jpg

13 thoughts on “Leather it up

  1. I loved your trousers! Especially the one on the left, where did you buy them from, H&M? I hate all my trousers, because of my teeny tiny bumm πŸ˜‰ None of them stick to my bum; they are ‘loose as a goose’.. he he;) Anyway, I want tips for that please πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks baby. The one on the left with the panel is from River Island and the other full leather like is from H&M. Lol.. I have the opposite issue with my bum. It clings way too tight and I hate it!! Do lots of squats and eat good fat for a sexy bum and eventually you’ll look sexier than Kim K πŸ˜‰ haha… Now you give me tips for a flat arse πŸ˜›

  3. Dor, you are soo very British (Whilst, Arse…). God knows what other British words are there in your blog that I’ve still not noticed! No to forget, your blog is a very good publicity to H & M babe! The store, boots, trousers! HEAVY!!! mwwuaah xxx

    • Hahaha… Dor!! Lol.. Probably 1-2 case notes bardhi abhyasa na? :p I know my blogs advertise brands alva? That’s bad.. I’ve tried to stop doing that in my later posts.. 😁

      • Btw I got my leather-like trousers from H&M today… It’s so nice but a 14 is still tight for me.. Arggggg… Clings too tight and makes my thighs look bigger but I love it sooo much and I’m not going to return it 😜 they are quite warm so I’m probably gona wear it with long tops and make the most of it for this coming winter πŸ˜ƒ

  4. hahaha.. Ansathe.. But, I love reading them even in the articles I read (definitely not arse :P).. British writings are so different and are easily noticeable!
    Oh, that’s nice dor! Add the photos to this blog! Wanna see it. Is it a long skirt.?
    Wonder why I ordered the high-low skirt (satin!)now. Its so cold here.. πŸ˜› hahahah!
    And most of the brands you mention is not available here, in US and definitely not in India. And your readers are mostly from India right? hahahaha.. Even if you mention no harm dorr.. as if thara..

    • Lol I guess. The language use is so different Alva. British English and American English. Same here Dor, the difference is easily noticed. Lol heavy na ‘arse’ hahaha.. No Dor the skirts are from River island and Forver21. I haven’t bought the skirts yet. I was talking about the leather like trousers from H&M (on the right hand side). Got the parcel in the eve. Ok so if I go out tomorrow ill wear them but I make Praj take my photos in an angle to hide my thighs Hahahah.. I run so much and do all the needful but it doesn’t reduce and the only option is to disguise it 😁😝haha .. I’ll take a pic and send it across to u Nale Dor.xxx
      Oh and yes this is my personal journal thara remember? 😜 it’s just to mention what I like but I’m sure Dor most stores will have the same thing but with a different price tag! Lol.. Don’t you think so?x

  5. Oh okay okay.! Waiting to see your photos!

    Most likely different stores will have the same style, but it will be useful to know from where you bought them. Additional info thara. Now I know, where to look for leather trousers for a reasonable price.. As if I’ll go to some other stores.. πŸ˜› My only two stores are H&M & Forever 21 πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Even if you buy the entire store, you won’t fee guilty coz of such low price!

    Dor, you can also import your blog to your FB account. Not sure how you are doing it now. Are you re-posting them? Go to your settings and change it to link to your other social-accounts. It will prevent you to re-post them again! Professional thara aagathe.. Whatever you write it automatically gets updated there too.

    • Oh really? I haven’t tried that Dor. Ok I’ll try changing the settings. I always shared the post on fb. Didn’t realise you could do it the other way. Tnx for that Dor 😘
      Ok that’s a good idea. I shall mention from what stores I bought my stuff. Same here Dor.. I pretty much buy from the same places but I love Zara so much and I pick up stuff if I really really love it. but its way too expensive if its for a casual outing 😞. The sales r amazing and worth it though. There’s a website called ASOS. That’s where I do my online shopping mostly from they do free international delivery too. Try Vero Moda. I luv their stuff and its pretty reasonable. I heard they have opened in India too! I love clothes but I find it totally pointless to pay ridiculous amounts on stuff that’s not worth all that price. That’s lame. I’d rather buy lots than 1 for the same price. Hehe.. That’s just me 😜

  6. Same here Dor.. There’s no point in paying for the stuff which you’ll wear once or twice.. I don’t mind paying for nice tees.. Since I am a student, I want to wear something comfortable with a pair of jeans.. skirts, dress, fancy tops, its just waste of money for me.. ZARA is way expensive dor.. I am checking ASOS, they have a website for US customers too..

    • Oh yes! That’s true Dor. It’s best to own a couple of pair of nice jeans and the tops can be casual. I am not a fan of branded t-shirts. But my blouses yes! I love smart blouses and only for those I go to Zara and some nice stores. T-shirts yella cheap stuff lol. Even causal dresses Dor. There’s no point paying loads for that. But ya going out and smart dresses are an exception. I guess when it to comes to this most of us are the same. If I had billions or even couple of millions in my bank account, I’d love to have my entire wardrobe in Burberry. Hehe.. Nale inda I’m counting on Euro lottery. Lol 😜

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