Shoe boots anyone?

Since autumn is here and winter is fast approaching I decided to give me a break from my oh so comfy Ugg boots and go more chick for this autumn-winter 2012. People who know me well do know that I am not a person who walks around 2’inches heels let alone 6’inches! But I found these amazing taupe wedge boots by timeless shoes on asos.

20121005-013513 AM.jpg

I was so tempted to buy it for £40.00. I was thinking about the if’s and but’s before i committed to the purchase. What if they are not comfortable? Will I be able to walk 500 yards in them (since I have lived all my life on flat shoes!), is it worth paying that amount just to get hold of it and then it goes back unused to the shoe rack where the rest of my poor heels are sheltered? But then I wondered if they did it cheaper on any other website (at least i will feel less guilty about not spending £40.00 if it goes unused!) and after a couple of minutes googling them,I found these wedge boots on chemical direct for £20.something! Still a bargain. I didn’t think twice and it was delivered to me the next working day. “Omg! Awesome!!” was what I thought as soon as I opened my parcel. Like any other girl, I couldn’t wait to try them on! FYI I got my hands on them in August and it was still pretty warmish to wear them in London. Come October the weather is perfect to get these bad boys (or girls? Whatever!) out and about! To be honest, the first time I wore it I did carry a pair of spare flat shoes with me(!) just in case. But ya’ll know what, I didn’t need my flat shoes at all!! These boots/wedges were SO comfy (wouldn’t say as equivalent to Uggs but for someone who doesn’t wear heels these were heaven!) and I was constantly on my feet for 5-6hrs and it didn’t hurt me one bit! I would defiantly recommend buying these. They get a 5* from me. Finally something in heels to walk around! Woohoo.. and why not go casual with these cool Parka jacket and skinny jeans!x

20121005-020146 AM.jpg

P.s The only downside (which was my fault btw) is that I ordered a UK size 5 which happens to be slightly loose for me but with a thick woollen socks or an insole the job is done. So if your a half size like me (UK size 41/2) make sure you buy the lower size (UK size 4) for a better fit. Happy shoes = happy feet. Xx

20121005-030637 AM.jpg

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