Seed ’em

My dearest Aunt since the past year has been insisting to me on using FLAX SEEDS to my meals. I had a vague idea about them which was more like I knew it was good for ones health but in what way do these grains help you staying healthy? Upon googling ‘flax seed benefits’ you can find that these “tiny seeds have mighty benefits” as quoted by one of the website. Continue reading

Spikes, studs and rivets

So I did mention in my previous post (All that glitters is not gold) about how OTT are these spikes, studs and rivets for this season. They are all over the clothes (tops, jackets, trousers), shoes and accessories. I totally love them and I definitely think that they are so cool and chick. Continue reading

Sweet tooth

I do try and eat healthy but who does not treat themselves to some dessert every once in a while! So how many times do I treat myself to desserts then? Twice every week! Lol. But every day I do eat about 2-4 blocks of organic dark chocolate since it has benefits with regard to antioxidants, good for your heart, brain etc and makes me happy!! 😎 Continue reading