Spikes, studs and rivets

So I did mention in my previous post (All that glitters is not gold) about how OTT are these spikes, studs and rivets for this season. They are all over the clothes (tops, jackets, trousers), shoes and accessories. I totally love them and I definitely think that they are so cool and chick.

I found this amazing white sheer shirt with gold studs on the edge of the cuff sleeves and I couldn’t help but get hold of it. I then keep looking for more studded blouse/shirt and damn! they are expensive! I thought to myself “do I really want to spend again on another studded blouse/shirt?”. Why not DIY! So I bought 20 gold screw back spikes and dug up for an old (3 years old) H&M cotton white shirt that was hardly used. I decided that I wanted the spikes on the collar. The back of the screw is pretty thick so I needed a fairly thick nail to make a hole and screw it in. 20 screws later and Tadaa!!! My shirt is ready and I didn’t feel bad about piercing holes in the collar.

20121006-024100 PM.jpg
I have also liked the collar tips so much. So instead of buying the shirt with the collar tips, I bought some plain gold collar tips online and I have been using them on my shirts. They do add some additional edginess to the outfit.

20121006-024205 PM.jpg
How awesome is this leather studded jacket? I so badly wanted to buy one but I decided to against it as it may soon become very 2012 by 2013! lol. So i decided to buy the normal leather jacket without the spikes or rivets instead (please refer ‘Leather it up’ post). Out of all the ones out there in stores this in particular is my favourite. With minimum spikes/rivets these look รผber cool.

20121006-081826 AM.jpg
So I did not buy the jacket or trousers (no way!!) but instead bought a pair of grey-black spike studded boots online. These look cool and you can’t go wrong with the price!๐Ÿ˜‰ Fits well and they do the job.

20121006-052317 PM.jpg
And finally the accessories I bought are these spike necklaces and a bracelet which again, I have mentioned in one of my previous posts (All that glitters is not gold). I might buy some finger rings to go with it soon though!

20121006-082739 AM.jpg
Bored of your old tops, blouses or kurthas or shoes? Then spike it up with these loose spikes/studs, collar tips for your tops and throw in a few accessorises to revamp the look. Be it ethnic or modern. Happy spiking ๐Ÿ˜œxx

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