Sweet tooth

I do try and eat healthy but who does not treat themselves to some dessert every once in a while! So how many times do I treat myself to desserts then? Twice every week! Lol. But every day I do eat about 2-4 blocks of organic dark chocolate since it has benefits with regard to antioxidants, good for your heart, brain etc and makes me happy!! 😎

On those other days I treat myself to some yummm Pink-berry frozen yogurt (I MUST have at least once a week. My all time favourite being mango and watermelon), mango and strawberry cheese cake, and Barnamint Baileys ice-cream cocktail at TGIF.

20121006-012115 AM.jpg
Oh! and how can I not get to mention the best ones in India. To me it will always be the joyous JOY mango duet and the delicious hot chocolate fudge from Corner house. Total blissssssssssssssss….x

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