Dip-hems and Peplums

Like most girls, I have my own issues and insecurities with my body. My major areas of concern are my hips and thighs. These dip-hems / asymmetrical clothes have been there for a while now and these are great to cover the rear (bum and thighs) and they also look stylish.

20121007-035624 PM.jpg
The tops/blouses in particular have a greater advantage to suit a body type for someone like me. I love wearing skinny jeans but a disadvantage of skinny jeans for me is wearing them is with a short top/blouse. But with a dip-hem / asymmetrical top I get to wear my skinny jeans with confidence! The shorter front, longer back and uneven sides compliments me just right. I also love the dresses and skirts. I mostly (but sometimes by itself) wear the skirt over leggings and a top. But my dress is long enough so I do not need to worry much about it. I totally love them for me.

20121007-033724 PM.jpg
The Peplums are also all over the place. I was too tempted to have something in my closet. I usually don’t bother trying on my clothes 80% of the time (because I know my size and buy it with confidence lol) however I wanted to try these Peplums so badly and I did take a top and a dress to the ladies trail. I was not very impressed by the fit. I tried the top over my jeans and it just drew attention to my hips which was not what I wanted. The lace peplum dress was gorgeous but because I have a wider lower body compared to my upper body, the dress did not fit me well and didn’t do me any favours to hide my lumps and bumps. They are definitely pretty and elegant and I have seen them on couple of friends and random people who do carry them well. But I don’t think it’s just for me. Probably a longer top with the frill? I don’t know and cannot comment as I haven’t tried it yet!x

20121007-033807 PM.jpg

4 thoughts on “Dip-hems and Peplums

  1. LOL Gnanu.. Are you kidding? I’m trying to hide my face and base and you want me to model? hehe.. but thank you for the flattery. All for fun that is all..xxx

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