Antique Indian jewellery

Ever since the day I knew I was going to married to my beloved, I had a sudden interest in me like most brides-to-be in frantically looking for my dream outfit, jewellery and just about everything bridal. To be totally honest, it was only during this time that I started looking at and showing keen interest with regards to jewellery. Prior to this I could care less about any Indian Gold jewellery. I was happy to wear what Mom had and sometimes even thought wearing ‘gold jewellery’ to occasions was so ridiculous! I loved (and still love) random high street jewellery and Mom had always told me that one day when I grow up I will feel silly for ‘wasting’ money on worthless jewellery. Only if I had stopped and given a thought about it then. But I was young and couldn’t care less about the future. Anyway so since I have been looking at jewellery, these are some of my favourite and to-die-for pieces of jewellery for me.

Temple jewellery

20121008-110851 PM.jpg
These Temple jewellery top my favourite jewellery category list. Made by Kemp stones (un-cut polished stones in Red and Green) and pearls which was traditionally graced to the Hindu idols (Gods and Goddess) which later was adopted by the then Maharajas and Maharanis and the other courtiers. It was also used by the Indian dancers (Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi etc) to perform within the Hindu temples. Hence the name Temple jewellery. I love the traditional and ethnic side to it. Defiantly bridal!!

Polki and Kundan

20121008-111558 PM.jpg
Ok some of the pictures above many not exactly be ‘antique’ but probably a modern version from the Mughal era? So I was wondering if Kundan and Polki are two different types but it basically happens to be the same kind. So the polki is with diamond stone or what they call ‘uncut diamond’ (which is obviously more expensive!) and kundan is made of semi-precious stones (which may be slightly cheaper). Anyway I this is so sophisticated and yes! I love it too! πŸ˜‰ I cannot have enough of it.

The rest….

20121009-124135 AM.jpg
So the rest are Meenakari (enamelling with stones) and Thewa (which is more like a TanJore painting). Although these come from the Maharaja or the Mughal era with intricate details, they do not top my list of favourites. But of course if DH decides to buy me one, I will not refuse! Lol. I might be missing a few more I suppose?! Anyway this is my list.

So if you’ve been to the jewellers with your parents or elders then have you been in a situation like me where you absolutely fallen these jewellery yet you have been refused because of ‘oh, they don’t have resell value’? Lol. But aren’t these antique jewellery just so gorgeous? I have been lucky to have been given some from my Mom, grandparents, in-laws my lovely Aunt and DH also buying me something antique and traditional as a wedding present which values more to me with all love and respect.xx

8 thoughts on “Antique Indian jewellery

  1. Beautiful! they are just gorgeous and I can already imagine you with these jewelry on you and having said that, it would be definitely co-ordinated with a beautiful Indian attire-yes “a saree” πŸ™‚ Nothing can get gorgeous and elegant than a saree! Loved the Polki and Kundan, reminds me of movie Jodhaa-Akbhar. These are definitely priceless pieces and needs to be treasured so that it can be passed on to generations. I have my grandmom’s “addigai” (diamonds and ruby studded choker pendant ) which is a priceless piece and my mom had treasured it for my wedding. I love flaunting it. More than anything, you feel the joy and pride in wearing heirloom jewelry, considering the fact that your mom, grandmom once wore them πŸ™‚ Loved your collections!

  2. Aren’t they gorgeous hun? I am sure most people will agree with those jewellery. I honestly would love to own them all given a chance and who wouldn’t want too. lol.. Yes they are traditional but they are being made and used so modern now. WOW! your jewellery sounds amazing. I know what you mean when you say wearing the ‘heirloom’ jewellery. Prajwal’s grandparents also gave me one for my wedding and it just feels so nice to wear something so precious that has been handed down since generations! Tomorrow when we have children and grand childern (yikes!) we shall do the same and pass on the

  3. Antiques are priceless and that’s why there is a saying “old is gold” and in the case of this post it’s true. The jewllery is simply amazing !<3 thank you for checking out my blog ;**

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