Spanx to the rescue

Touching on a more personal subject but yet widely known and used.

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So I am not embarrassed to talk about or admit that I am a fan of spanx or the ‘Bridget Jones underware’. Having been used for centuries these are what i would like to refer to as ‘wonder garments’. They say “Diamonds are a girls best friend” but for me my spanx are my best friends πŸ˜‰ (of course diamonds come later too! Lol).

20121009-121728 PM.jpg

My Mom bought me my first pair of spanx when I was 12 years old. When she handed it over to me I thought “what the hell are these?!”. And then like any mother of a teenage daughter she explained the significance to me. I was a chubby or I’d rather say ‘healthy’ (to make myself feel better lol) child. So stepping into my teen years, I guess I was slowly becoming conscious of my changing body and probably that is why my Mom made her move to make me more aware of these little things. So every time I wore a dress I would slip on my spanx. Not only for bum-tum control but also because of the shorts which helped in protecting my modesty!

20121009-121905 PM.jpg
Now as an adult I absolutely love them as they totally disguise and smoothes out my lumps and bumps. With these on, I can bid farewell to my muffin tops and be confident without having to suck in my tummy for the whole darn day/night. Whether I am wearing trousers, dresses, skirt or even a fitted salwar you can be certain that beneath all that there is my wonder garment. Bless my DH as one day I was getting dressed in a hurry and he happened to walk in whilst I had my spanx on. He looked amused asked me “why do you have those superman shorts on?”. I was in a hurry and couldn’t care what he thought or said, but when I was travelling and when I recollected what he had said I just couldn’t stop laughing! Yea, ‘super woman shorts’ i thought. Ok so for people who need a little help to enhance their bum non-invasively, then why not try the padded shorts or a ‘booty pop’. These give a more curvy / shapely rare. I haven’t used them and haven’t found it a necessary to do so. However, reviews say they are good or the best!

So ever looked at a celeb and wondered “wow what gorgeous curves”?. Of course they do follow and work towards a strict diet and exercise regime BUT they also do resort to a little help from these wonder garments.

20121009-122707 PM.jpg
Skinny, slim, fit, fat, curves or whatever, hands up to spanx and they win all the way. After all we do have a little Bridget Jones in us. Xxx

2 thoughts on “Spanx to the rescue

  1. Did try “Spanx” few months ago didn’t work for me 😦 …felt more bulkier…. will try it again in few days and see is it feels different this time.

  2. Oh no. Sorry to hear that. Ok first of all the models in the pictures are slim, so it is a little deceiving. I am sure you know that they do not alter your size in any way. BUT they do smooth out all the bulges and lumps and bumps. I do not have wash board abs but I definitely have 2 pack! lol. So if I was wearing a fitted dress then I would not like my lower stomach or my ‘muffin top’ to bulge out. So I wear these to sort of suck in the bulge and me feel less conscious. Try a real good high wasted one according to your size and see the difference before and after. It really does wonders! πŸ™‚ x

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