Khaki vs Burgundy/Berry

Its winter (soon!) and as usual all the coats, jackets and boots are out. The common winter shades all over with the darker shades like black, grey, navy, brown and the more lighter caramel, white, beige etc. But there are always the more popular colours for the season and the most popular and common ones for this autumn/winter being Khaki and Burgundy. I am a more bight colour loving person but I am absolutely loving the demure colours for this autumn/winter 2012.

20121010-101400 PM.jpg
I love the Khaki parka for a more casual or day look. Although it has been around for sometime now, I was never a found of it but it has certainly grown over me for this season. And, I find the burgundy/berry military style coat formal yet casual. The same goes with these hot or rather cool jeans.

20121010-101737 PM.jpg

I also like the contrasts on jackets to kinda break the monotone/monochrome(?). The leather-like sleeves on the khaki jacket and the contrast navy on the lower half of the burgundy/berry coat looks very chick and casual.

20121010-102743 PM.jpg

Finally the camouflage. Although they look a little frumpy, these camouflage jackets are so casual and they look so cool. The best part is that I can confidently wear it with a vest top and skinny jeans and it will cover all my bad bits. To pep it up a little, spikes or rivets can also be added to give it chick look!

20121010-104155 PM.jpg
Wonder if a camouflage sari or salwar is
out in the market? Think it’s outrageous? I think not.. it’s absolutely cool!x

6 thoughts on “Khaki vs Burgundy/Berry

  1. The Burgundy looks like a soldier’s uniform (Maharaja’s Sevaka’s uniform) LOL Dor! Although I like the idea of two colored jackets! But they are so very expensive phew!

  2. LOL DOr… hahaa.. you are so funny!! πŸ˜€ That is why it is called the ‘military style coat’ dorrrrr… hehehehe… You give the best description.. :p Yea! these ones are quite expensive. Although I like the berry shaded coat, I don’t think I’ll buy one. Only because by next year it will be outdated! >_< lol.. I'll stick to the usual black, navy and them safe colours.. πŸ˜‰

    • Ya.. That’s true, I already have so many things in my wardrobe which I’ve not used.. I don’t want to add another one (an expensive one!)..

  3. Lol yaa… I bought the khaki parka so I guess the berry one will not be so lucky.. why do trends keep changing so fast? it’s so hard to keep up! arggggg… remember last year it was all about those electric blue jeans and all that.. where has all that gone? I wore it only twice and haven’t seen it ever since.. I feel so horrible for spending money but then when I go to the shops I cannot control dor.. 😦 we should have been in the stone age… especially me!
    p.s. I cannot believe I just said that last sentence.. ew!

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