Denim.. Oh yea!

Whilst I write this post, I cannot help but think of my high school days (late 90’s). I am so sure most of us owned a pair or two(!) of these denim shirts. As the fad slowly faded out my denim shirts were given away by my Mom to clear out my closet. Today (this season) I so wish I had just kept them.

20121011-082048 PM.jpg
I am loving the denim just like the rest of those other clothing (leather, camouflage etc) I have previously mentioned. My favourites in denim are the shirts, shirt-dress and the jacket with the leather or leather-like sleeves for this season.

20121011-085641 PM.jpg
I favour the lighter shaded denim shirt. Whilst I was buying my shirt, I wasn’t sure if I had to buy a lighter or darker shaded shirt and instead went for a two-toned, stand-up collar shirt (because I already own a collared denim crop jacket!). Buttoned up, tucked in/out or left unbuttoned with a t-shirt or vest top underneath absolutely makes it casual and cool. I ordered mine online and I was confident that a M-L size would fit me right. But I couldn’t button my shirt at my hips, so I’ve been left to unbutton it all the way which is good because again it covers all my bad bits. So if there’s an old shirt in the closet, then now is time to get it out and flaunt it. Adding spikes, studs or rivets will also add some ‘coolness’ (is that even a word?! Lol) to it.xx

20121011-084524 PM.jpg

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