The glam sequin is just back in time for this festive season, right from the tops/blouses, dresses, jackets, shoes and accessories.

20121013-013948 AM.jpg
How gorgeous are these sequin dresses?! I absolutely love all the styles however my favourite being the black sequin with power shoulder.

20121013-013423 AM.jpg
I also love the sequin collared blouses. They are so simple yet elegant. I could even do a simple dinner date with these sequin collared blouses without being too OTT. These blouses aren’t cheap at all! So I figured out to get the look I could simply buy some sequin collars (as accessories) and use them on plain tops/blouses to achieve the look. These could also be used on jumpers/cardigan to make it look more chick and stylish.

20121013-015134 AM.jpg

Finally I love wearing my flat sequin shoes (my heel sequin shoes have been put to it’s best use only twice since 2 years!) when I decide to wear something plain and simple for the evening with a matching clutch to complete my look.

20121013-021009 AM.jpg
You can tell that my all time favourite sequin is gold. Although, I also prefer silver, black and all multicoloured sequins, gold will always remain my safe bet!x

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