I have always liked Legumes (beans, peas, lentils) because they contain no cholesterol, they are low in fat, contain high proteins, minerals and vitamins, contain beneficial fat, a healthy substitute for meat, keeps me full for longer and tastes yum! I cook lentils (sambar, daal, curry) at least thrice/week. I also cook other beans (kidney beans etc) and peas (chick peas etc) probably once or twice a week. Although I have been using most of these legumes, my favourite for a while has been Edamame beans.

20121014-054037 PM.jpg
Edamame bean, an immature ‘soybean’ in a pod as we know, it is commonly found in Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian cuisine. Packed with full of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, these beans come in a pod or can also be eaten pealed from the pod. Call me ignorant but I had never heard of Edamame before! The first time I ordered edamame (salted-boiled edamame in pod) was a couple of years ago in a Japanese restaurant. I was slightly unsure about the taste but once the order came by, I couldn’t resist ordering a second serving! I normally order a starter and a main dish. However, on the day I remember I was so hungry, where I ate 2 whole servings of edamame as a starter dish (ok I call it a side dish!). My stomach was already half full by the time my actual started arrived! The serving portion wasn’t huge, probably slightly more than a handful of beans. These were quite filling and they definitely tasted great! Since that day, I have never failed to order edamame when I go to restaurants where they have these available.

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I prefer my edamame in a pod however my local Tesco does not sell them in a pod, so as a quick fix I buy the frozen boiled edamame beans as it is and I make whatever I desire on the time/day. There are some delicious recipes out there (google obviously!) which I refer. Although I like my edamame salted and boiled, I sometimes prefer them in an Indian style with some spices and chillies. The edamame makes a great healthy snack. I sometimes eat it by itself or make a salad and eat it as a side with my main meal. These beans are so nutritious, keep me full for longer and they truly taste YUM! Edamame is defiantly my favourite legume.xx

6 thoughts on “Edamame

  1. Edamame with kosher salt, that’s the simplest and the best way I like to eat o rather munch πŸ˜› Try pickled olives or jalapenos with edamame for an evening snack πŸ™‚ it tastes out of the world! god bless edamame! πŸ˜€

  2. Is that sea-salt or something like that? If yes, then yes! that is what I add sprinkled with spring onions (copied from Yo-SUshi. lol). I add edamame along with olives, kalamata and feta cheese with other veges basically to my Greek salad. But true! God bless these edamame beans.. πŸ˜€

    • Omg edamame akkirotti!!!!!! Yummmmm.. I have never tried that.. Not good at akkirotti thathadhu :p but I would love to try it sometime.. My mouth us watering already n I’m craving it now 😦 Sam recipe pleaseeeee…xx

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