Fringe or tassels

I always thought that fringe or tassel looked ridiculous on clothes, shoes or bags. It always reminded me of those Komondor dogs and this might sound lame, but I almost felt like people were carrying these or wore them (lol).

20121015-032250 PM.jpg

I do own a pair (over 3 years now) of beige ankle length fringe boots from RI and I only bought them because it is SO comfortable. I thought the fringe or tassel on the side was funny and I even wanted to cut it and give a make over/under, until few people on the street noticed, liked it and asked me where had I picked those up from. So I thought they might look nice and left them as it is. Anyway, now I am warming up towards the ‘fringe/tassels’. Some of my favourites are the camel and black fringe bag, fringe or tassels attached to T-shirts, chain/necklaces, sandals and boots. They are so Bohemian and chick.

20121015-040443 PM.jpg
There are some DIY videos out there if you would like to get your old T-shirt or bag a makeover. I have my eyes on a black fringe bag. Might get my hands on them soon. Haha (*the evil laugh*) Lol.xx

2 thoughts on “Fringe or tassels

  1. Hey KB,I always thought tassels make me look big…voluminous….something like that…your article is giving me second thoughts….no bag or shirts …i think they come in my way…he he he

    • Try it Sam. It’s too boohoo chick types. I love the sandals and the black bag.. I have a necklace too but I don’t mind the other ones like these.. :p might give the top a miss though 😦

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