Over the years……

They say “change is constant”, which is what I take literally ;). Over the years I have been sporting different looks with regards to my hair / hairstyles. I have gone to some not so extreme lengths, yet I have had my medium-long length locks chopped really short, to changing hair colours, getting chemical perms and Brazilian blow drys, and front and side bangs.

20121015-125114 AM.jpg

20121014-105937 PM.jpg
Ok I am no Rihanna (love her!) but I love changing my hair styles ever so often. Family and friends sometimes call me crazy (lol) for doing so, but to me it is so exciting and I love taking chances and experimenting new looks/styles. Wondering what’s next? I’d like to surprise myself with that!x

10 thoughts on “Over the years……

  1. Tnx darling. I like most of them except the really really short pathetic one (1st pic, 2nd row > 1st and 3rd pic) ew! The hair dresser had messed it up proper! But then it grew back and I have had all crazy things done after.. :p

  2. I’m really impressed…I’m just not comfortable with so much change…but i do agree that each time you do something different you feel like a new person.My favorite is the short bob you have right now…

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