Quick fix 1

Ravioli and Edamame salad

We all have days when we feel lazy to cook and want something quick to fill the grumbling tummy. So one of my favourite quick fix for lunch/dinner is ravioli and salad.

20121016-111651 PM.jpg
Thank god for living close to Tesco’s which means I can pop down stairs and pick up all the necessary ingredients for my lunch/dinner anytime the store is opened. Tonight I decided that I wanted ravioli and salad. So I picked up the necessary ingredients:
Italian cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil ravioli
Tomato and chilli pasta sauce
Bag of mixed leaf salad
Edamame beans
Green olives, kalamata and feta.

Ok I am not great at writing cooking instructions but I followed what was written on pack. Which said to boil the ravioli for 4 minutes on the hob and drain the water after. I like my sauce spicy and sadly the Sacla ‘tomato and chilli’ sauce does not taste spicy enough for me. So I added some olive oil to the pan to which I added some ginger-garlic paste and some chilli powder. After a minute or so, I then added the tomato and chilli sauce and cooked it for 4 more minutes. Later I added some salt and the drained ravioli to it. That’s done. For the salad, I added edamame, mixed leaf salad bag and green olives, kalamata and feta. For the salad dressing I added the mint sauce which already came with the edamame pack. After all the stirring and mixing the above…. Tadah!

20121016-114751 PM.jpg
Presenting to you my lovely tomato, mozzarella and chilli ravioli with mixed leaf, edamame, green olives, kalamata and feta salad. Please excuse the presentation. I was starving and all I wanted to do next was stick a fork and Nom Nom away. In less than 15 minutes dinner was served.xx

4 thoughts on “Quick fix 1

  1. Such a timely and much needed thought to share πŸ˜› thanks hun, I don’t have to think about tomorrow’s supper πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ Yes I am lazy tomorrow! πŸ˜›

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