I work out!

In this post I will be giving you an overview of my workout schedule. For starters, I would like to mention that I am NOT a qualified or trained gym professional, however, this is ‘my’ workout routine which I have designed for myself after being advised by a personal trainer and other reliable sources. I thought why not share it! This post and the following is not an advice but merely an information with regards to my workout schedule. If you are planning on adopting this schedule, then I kindly suggest you to please talk to a qualified trainer before you take up any activity. Thank you.

To tell you a little more about me, I am UK size 12-14 and I have been the same for as long as I remember! I usually do not or rather say ‘avoid’ weighing myself. Every time I weigh myself I am always between 60-63 kilos / 10 – 10.5 stones / 140 – 145 pounds (well these are just figures to give you an idea) and my height is about 5’2 ft. The ideal weight for someone with my height should be about 50-55 kilos / 120-130 pounds. I might be over what is recommended for me but I have weighed the same for the last 14 years! I have tried to lose weight but I am the kind of person who will NOT go on a extreme diet like living on salads, eating only proteins, restricting carbs and sugar etc to lose weight. Hence, I have remained the same. With a family history of heart problems, cancer etc, I will stress on the fact that I exercise for health and fitness reasons and nothing more. I am not aiming to lose weight (although sometimes I hope I do!). I have also mentioned in my previous posts that I do love my food. I try and eat healthy and sometimes I do indulge in some treats. I am not strict on my diet and I do not believe in punishing my mind and body from enjoying what I like. ‘I eat and I work out’. What I aim for is to look and feel healthy. That is my mantra. 😉

I am more of a gym person. I have never trained outside and I personally don’t like training outside. I live in an apartment where we have a resident gym, so I do get all the more motivation to workout. The gym has basic fitness machines and facilities which most gyms provide these days. For cardio there is the; thread mill, cross trainer/elliptical, cycling and rowing machines. There are other strength/weight training machines too.

20121021-043935 PM.jpg

So, I do try and get an average workout of 3-4 days per week. I try and fit my work outs for about 60-90 minutes each day I work out. I alternate my workouts for each session. My workout typically begins with a 5-10minute warm up or stretching followed by (>;) 30-40minutes cardio exercise >; 15-20minutes strength training >; 10-15 minutes Ab exercise >; 5-10 minutes cool down/stretches.

My workout sessions will be described in detail in the following posts. These will probably be a similar routine what most people might incorporate into their workout schedule. Remember it is all about being ‘fit and healthy’ without pushing it too far.xx

Please click on the following links to direct you to the posts.

Day 1: https://kavyabasavraj.com/2012/10/21/day-1-workout/

Day 2: https://kavyabasavraj.com/2012/10/23/day-2-workout/

Day 3: https://kavyabasavraj.com/2012/10/25/day-3-workout/

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