Day 3 – workout

Day 3 workout session for me is usually on a Friday. The drill is the same as the other 2 days and I will not be going through the warm-up, stretches and cool down exercises in detail. This is because I usually follow the same routine most days I exercise. I have already mentioned the routine in detail in my previous post ‘Day 1- workout’. I like altering and alternating my workouts. Again, in this post the cardio exercise, abdominal exercise and the strength training will vary slightly from the previous session’s workout.

Warm up
Taking the stairs down to the gym and spot jogging. A total of 5-7 minutes spent doing this.


20121022-095321 PM.jpg
Arms, back, shoulders and leg muscles stretched. Each stretch is maintained for about 15-20 seconds and repeated twice.

Cardiovascular exercises
Day 1 is all about high impact-high intensity cardio exercise.
Day 2 is low impact-high intensity cardio exercise.
Day 3 is going to be about moderate impact-high intensity cardio exercise. My main targeted areas are my hips and thighs. I would also like to do this for an overall body workout and to keep the heart rate pumping for longer. On this day, I choose the treadmill (21 minutes), cross trainer (15 minutes) and cycling (5 minutes). A total cardio workout for 41 minutes.


20121024-050706 PM.jpg

I begin with slow walking at a low speed of 5.0kmh for a minute, then increase the speed to 5.6kmh for the next minute and 6.3kmh for the third minute. I then increase the speed to 9.0kmh and run in this speed for the next 10 minutes. Now I have completed a total of 13 minutes. I drop the speed to 4.0kmh where i walk it off for a minute, have a sip of water and change the settings to ‘speed interval’. I set the jogging speed to 5.5kmh and running speed to 10.0kmh. From the 14th minute, I begin jogging at 5.5kmh for 30 seconds and the next 30 seconds I run at 10.0kmh speed. I do the same 30second jog – 30second run interval for the next 6 minutes. By now I have completed a total of 20 minutes running and change the setting back to ‘manual’. I drop the speed to 5.0kmh for the next 20 seconds and I walk it off in 3.0kmh for last 40 seconds. This completes my 21 minute workout on the treadmill. I do a 1 minute light stretch and move to the cross trainer/elliptical.


Cross trainer/elliptical

20121024-110555 PM.jpg
5 minutes forward > 5 minutes backward/reverse > 5 minute forward. All in level 3 around 14.0-15.0mph.







20121024-110843 PM.jpgI am quite exhausted by now, but I do a 5 minute cycling at a slow, low level (level 1) phase. This is more like a cool down which allows time to recover before I move on to strength training.







Strength training
I work on my chest, shoulders, triceps and back for an upper body workout. Bum and thighs for lower body.

20121024-114701 PM.jpg20121024-114723 PM.jpg

Chest press, shoulder press and I will also add the chair dips to the upper body workout section. Squats again for the lower body. All these work on the above mentioned group of muscles. I complete a total of 15-20 reps x 5 sets.

Abdominal exercises

20121025-121426 AM.jpg
I should probably do more to work on my abs, but I always end up sticking to my favourite crunches (200), side crunches (50 each side), push ups (25-30) and planks (10-15seconds x 3).








Cool down

20121025-121940 AM.jpg
I always stick to these stretches after I end every workout.









This completes my workout session for day 3.

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