Love Moschino

I have taken my liking for Moschino quite literally. It was about 2 years ago when I walked into a vintage shop, I found the belt I was looking for all the while. It was perfect and about 20 years old but looked as good as new. With the serial number attached to the inside of the belt and a seller from a renowned vintage store in London, I was confident enough to pick up the belt. Although it was quite expensive, I don’t regret one bit owning it. The belt is definitely my favourite and I have put it good use. I mostly wear them on dresses, skirts and some high waist trousers.

20121025-035912 PM.jpg

20121025-042106 PM.jpg

What next? I go again to the vintage store after about 2-3 months since I bought the belt and this time I spot a vintage Moschino bag. I did try hard not to look at it, but when you fascinate something and you can’t help looking at it from the corner of your eye, what do you tend to do? Stare or walk away? I did both, but I instantly returned back to it. I couldn’t resist and I promised myself not to buy anything else after I had bought this. And so there I was with the bag packed and ready to be taken to home sweet home. Shortly afterwards I received a ‘Love Moschino’ dark brown mock-croc bag as a Christmas present. This is more like a work bag to me. Happy with the small and fairly large bags.

20121025-042206 PM.jpgOk now this goes a little further and I set my eyes on a yellow Moschino ‘cheap and chick’ watch. This was around the time when I had a huge fascination for the colour ‘yellow’ and Moschino. “This will be the last buy”, I promised myself and yes, I have stuck to my words. So pat on my back for that πŸ˜‰





Now why am I talking Moschino? Because I love Moschino! I wouldn’t be talking otherwise. I totally adore the Moschino range. It is absolutely bright and colourful and just what’s needed to pep up this dull winter. I particularly love the range of bags and scarves available at ‘Love Moschino’.

20121025-024509 AM.jpg

Everything Moschino is available on Moschino online store and some retailers online also sell them. The vintage range is also available on some vintage websites and stores. But be sure they are the original Moschino belts or bags with the serial numbers and tags attached. Other websites where these are available is on;, ASOS, House of Fraser and other genuine websites. Want something designer with lots or some bright colours? Then I am definitely talking Moschino.xx

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