Quick fix 2

Scrambled egg with cheese, onion and tomato

So I woke up this morning with a grumbling tummy. I did what most of us would do, check the food cupboard and the refrigerator for anything edible immediately. Found no milk, no bread. There were some fruits but I didn’t want to eat fruits, I wanted something more. Luckily I had about 8 eggs, some onions, tomato, grated cheese and some spices. So I decided to make a healthy spiced scrambled egg.

What I needed and what I chose….

20121026-120830 PM.jpg
I chose 3 eggs, 1 tomato, 1 onion, few curry leaves and some mustard seeds (which I always have in stock), some turmeric powder, crushed pepper and chilli powder. Of course some salt and olive oil.

What I did…

20121026-123859 PM.jpg -Kept a frying pan to heat (my electric cooker takes forever to heat!) whilst I got the mixture ready.
-I broke the eggs (I added only the egg white from 2 eggs and used the whole egg (with yolk) from the third egg) into a mixing bowl.
-I sprinkled very little grated cheese into the egg bowl. I added some salt and crushed pepper and mixed them well a fork and kept the egg mixture aside.
-I quickly chopped some onions, tomatoes and curry leaves.
-Added a table spoon of olive oil to the already heated frying pan to which I added some black mustard seeds.
-Once the black mustard seeds crackle add the chopped curry leaves and onions. Sautéed it for half a minute and added a pinch of turmeric powder, chilli powder and chopped tomatoes and again sautéed it for another minute.
-I then added the egg mixture to the pan with all the ingredients and let the egg cook for a minute. I slowly scrambled the mixture for another minute or so and tadah! My healthy scrumptious spiced scrambled egg was ready to be eaten.

P.s sorry I haven’t uploaded a picture of how it finally turned out. By now I was very hungry and I totally forgot to take a picture! Lol.x

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