What a girl wants, what a girl needs…

I cannot help but hum to Christina Aguilera’s song/lyrics “what a girl wants, what a girl needs…”, whilst I write this post. No! I am not talking about falling in love, holding his hands or being in his arms or anything love related. I am talking about the other fantasies like shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery, make up and a lot more, a woman secretly/openly loathes and fantasises, and a man/most men might never understand or make an attempt to understand like my beloved. Lol. So here’s what I am talking about…….. Continue reading

Luscious lips

I love makeup and I equally like playing and experimenting with colours for my eyes and lips. In this post, I will concentrate on my lips and shades I love. My favourites are the nude or neutral lipstick or lipgloss for everyday wear. Don’t we all love the nude look? But sometimes it is nice to add a dash of colour to your lips and spice up the look. Continue reading