Luscious lips

I love makeup and I equally like playing and experimenting with colours for my eyes and lips. In this post, I will concentrate on my lips and shades I love. My favourites are the nude or neutral lipstick or lipgloss for everyday wear. Don’t we all love the nude look? But sometimes it is nice to add a dash of colour to your lips and spice up the look.

20121025-113257 PM.jpg

I always wore the nude shaded lipgloss and lipstick. I was too afraid to try the different shades (shades of red, pink etc) and clearly steered clear of those shades. My liking for different bright shaded lipsticks began about 4 years ago, when I wore a blood red lipstick on a date night. I thought it didn’t look bad and slowly started coming out of my comfort zone and began experimenting with other shades. My most recent being the darker shades like darker plum or burgundy. They do look nice but I think it adds years to my look. I feel almost like I end up looking older to what I actually look! lol. To me, anyone can carry the look if these shades are worn right. The darker shades totally look edgy and sophisticated and the brighter ones are more cool and fun. I do not stick to one brand and I have no favourites. I try and I have most from Rimmel to Chanel.

Some things I do;
– Before applying any lipstick or lip gloss, I always make sure my lips are free of any dead skin or dry cracks on my lips. I read this in a post, where you can simple apply Vaseline on you lips before applying any make up and leave it on for a minute or so and dab it off on a tissue paper. Or another option is to use your tooth brush, slight wet it and gently brush it on your lips to remove the dead skin. This smoothes out the skin on your lips.
– Later I apply my normal face foundation on my lips before applying any colour.
– I always try and stick to lip liners to outline and fill in my lips before I apply the lipstick. This always makes my lipstick last longer and also helps to enhance the colour of my lipstick!
– Once my lips have a base coat with the lip liner, I add my lipstick and just stick to this if I need a matte finish. But if I prefer it glossy, then I add my lipgloss and blend it well with my lipstick.
– My lipliners are not always perfect. Sometimes I have the colour come out. So I use a cotton bud, dipped in with slight makeup remover and go over the outline of my lips to even it out.
– If I want it perfect, then after I have applied all the above process/procedure, I take a few drops of my foundation and slightly apply small dots around my lips and blend it out into the skin. I go over through my lipliner again and blend it my lips. Doing this will give/add more definition to your lips.
– I try and avoid heavy eye makeup with heavy lips. Less is more.
– I never like the light shaded lipstick under a dark lipliner.
– I like experimenting with colours. So if I am trying out a different colour that I am not sure of, then I wear a simple outfit (black/white/beige) and wear my lip colour. I feel safe and I don’t have to worry too much.
– Some ‘must have’ shades to me are; nude brown and pink shade, red and pink. I sometimes mix and match 2-3 shades to get a different colour. It’s fun trying out shades. Colours make me happy. So if you want to try out a new shade, then you don’t need to hesitate. All you need to do is be confident. Remember it is not what you wear, it is how you wear!xx

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