What a girl wants, what a girl needs…

I cannot help but hum to Christina Aguilera’s song/lyrics “what a girl wants, what a girl needs…”, whilst I write this post. No! I am not talking about falling in love, holding his hands or being in his arms or anything love related. I am talking about the other fantasies like shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery, make up and a lot more, a woman secretly/openly loathes and fantasises, and a man/most men might never understand or make an attempt to understand like my beloved. Lol. So here’s what I am talking about……..

Walk in closet

20121027-052128 PM.jpg
What better ways to store and organise all those clothes, lingerie, shoes, bags, jewellery and a lot more… A perfect spacious walk in closet is what I always want and lust after.. Just like how Carrie Bradshaw got what she always wanted in Sex and the city, hopefully my Mr.Big will surprise me with this one day *sigh* 😉

Personal shower/spa room

20121027-052514 PM.jpg
I have my own little ensuite shower, which I call it ‘my bathroom’ but it is never mine because my lovely hub always wants to use it. When I question him “why?”, all he says to me is “it gives me some kind of pleasure to use your bathroom. There’s a different thrill to it”. “Different thrill to it?!”, what?! He leaves it all messy, which leaves me upset every single day and I guess that is the ‘thrill’ he is talking about! Goodness gracious!! BUT, is there any better way to have your own personal space in your own house, like a shower room ‘slash’ spa-room without anyone (I am talking about the kids and the husband and everybody else living in the house!) having to use it and to get away from all the madness and just relax? Don’t we all wish the same? This is something I desperately I yearn for.. Ah! Total bliss.xx

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