It’s Simple!

I have been one of those lucky few who hasn’t particularly had troubles with my skin. Yes! I do have my normal monthly break outs (probably 1-2 spots here and there) like most girls do, but I cannot prevent that from happening. Otherwise, I feel blessed with good skin *touch wood*. Thanks to my maternal genes and other little things I do to take care of my skin.

Ok, so this is what I do and use for my face as a part of my everyday skin care regime. SIMPLE. I love and swear by the Simple skin care products. I have been on and off ‘Simple’ products every now to then to try different products. I have used most skin care products right from Neutrogena, Olay, Garnier, No7, Clinique and many more. Result: spots or damaged skin. But ever since I have used Simple (continuously for about 4-5 months now!), my skin since then simply feels bloody good! ‘Simple’ claims to have the,
-vital vitamins (pro vitamin B5, vitamin C and E)
-skin loving active ingredients (citrus, cucumber, Aloe Vera and many many more),
-it has no perfume and no colour, and,
-what more.. It’s affordable (!) unlike the rest who claim to have similar benefits (but with none working for me!). Isn’t that great?!

20121029-080539 PM.jpg

I try not to add too many skin care products to my skin and mess it up. I like keeping my skin care routine simple. So I use the ‘Simple cleansing wipes’ to clean off any makeup before I wash my face with the ‘Simple face wash’ (this face wash almost feels like I am applying Aloe Vera on my face). As an everyday routine, I wash my face about thrice daily. Once as soon as wake up in the morning, next during shower and, finally before I go to bed at night. I always use the ‘Simple rich moisturiser’ after every time I have washed and dried my face. I previously used to use the ‘Simple light moisturiser’ during this summer, but now the weather has gotten too cold and makes my skin really dry. Hence, I have resorted to the rich moisturiser. Well the moisturiser says it lasts for about 12hours, but for me, I try and moisturise it every 8 hours to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised. I use the ‘Simple facial scrub’ as an exfoliator and I exfoliate about twice a week. Not more than that. *Exfoliating too much or too little can cause breakouts and may harm your skin. So this is my basic Simple skin care routine.

What I believe is, your skin is 50% based on genetics and, the other 50% is determined on the effort you put in to look after your skin. Which means, your exercise, your ability to ritualistically stick to proper skin care regime/products, what you eat and drink, and, your overall lifestyle truly reflects on your skin. So use proper skin care products, maintain a healthy nutritious diet, drink plenty of water and be just be happy and stress free for a gloriously glowing skin.xx

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