Salad dressing

Did you know that salad isn’t as healthy as it seems without the salad dressing? Ok, so are you wondering what am I talking about when all you want to do is avoid the salad dressing and reduce your calorie intake? Well, here is the deal.

Nutritionist and dieticians recommend eating salads with a slight addition of good monosaturated fats such as; olive oil, peanut oil, avocado and different nuts (peanuts, walnuts, etc). This is because the monosaturated fats aid in better absorption of important nutrients compared to when salads are consumed on its own. Besides, these monosaturated fats have a whole lot of good health benefits which helps in reducing cholesterol and belly fat, maintains weight loss and lowers the risk of stroke, heart disease and breast cancer and a lot more.

I am going to share a quick healthy salad dressing recipe my Mum taught me. What you will need is:
– 1-2 table spoon of olive oil,
– few drops of lime/lemon juice,
– 1 grated garlic,
– 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar/Demerara,
– a pinch of powdered pepper,
– a pinch of salt.

20121031-113249 PM.jpg
Mix all the above ingredients and you have your salad dressing ready in a minute or two! I always stick to this recipe as it is my favourite and definitely healthier compared to the ones you get in the super markets. I always tend to prepare my salad dressing when I am getting the dinner ready and I add it just before I decide to eat. You can also mix the salad dressing before hand if you like your salad to have a stronger flavour. Sometimes I also make my salad crunchy by adding some roasted walnuts or peanuts. They make my salads more interesting, healthier and yum!

So the next time you decide to have your salad on its own, then think again. Your body might actually be missing out on most important nutrition absorption. Don’t hesitate to add these. It is actually good to add some friendly fats to your meals after all.xx

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