Statement necklaces

I have always liked accessories/jewellery. Although, I do like bracelets and finger rings, my most favourite have always been earrings and necklaces. I have mentioned some of these in my previous posts. However, since this Autumn 2012, I have inclined towards a chunkier/statement necklaces. These are a few of my favourite.

20121104-033509 PM.jpg
I like my accessories to be reasonable, affordable and wearable. All these necklaces are from the high-street range. ASOS, H&M, Forever 21, New look, Zara, etc.

Below are a few of my favourite looks I have put together. This describes my personal style and how I would accessorise.

20121104-042139 PM.jpg
So why don’t you make a statement with these statement necklaces this season. They totally go with anything casual or formal wear. I absolutely love them and I think they make a chick wardrobe collection.xx

4 thoughts on “Statement necklaces

  1. Looks cool kav! I see a lot of those necklace tht looks like sticks stacked in a thread these days all arnd . I used to think its like tribal fashion come back but defenitely looks cool with bright dresses. Am defenitely thinking of trying one πŸ˜‰

    • Yes Chetu, as a matter of fact the ‘tribal trend is back again’! I absolutely love the prints and these necklaces are so cool. You can work them even with a plain t-shirt and they will still look cool. This is my latest obsession now :p

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