DIY neon bib necklace

Bib necklaces and neon colours are so trendy. I was browsing for some neon statement necklaces and, they are all darn expensive!! Whilst I was browsing, I happened to find some DIY posts where people have transformed their necklaces. I got really excited and I began looking for an old, unused necklace that I could transform. To my luck, I found an old white bib necklace, unused in my jewellery box.

20121123-073456 PM.jpg

I then used some neon nail paints I had to give my bib necklace a make over.

20121123-073553 PM.jpg

I made a draft of what colours would go where and after two coats of nail paint on the necklace, this is what I finally got…..

20121123-073755 PM.jpg
My neon bib necklace. Why spend more Β£moneyΒ£ when you can do a lot with what you already have! Happy Friday.xx

12 thoughts on “DIY neon bib necklace

    • Thank you SO much Manvi… The colours are lush aren’t they?! Moving on to painting your nails.. errrrmmmm.. Have a look at my post ‘border nails’ and let me know if you still want me to do your nail after! LOL.. xxx

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