DIY bag makeover

In my previous post ‘please help, bag makeover’, I had posted a picture of my denim Fendi bag which I desperately wanted to give a makeover. After all the opinion, suggestions and me debating over the colours, I finally gave my bag a makeover.

20121209-073953 PM.jpg

What I needed:

20121209-052045 PM.jpg
– Acrylic and fabric paints
– Paint brushes
– Sellotape
– Scissor
– An old cloth
– Some newspaper, and
– The BAG itself.

Step by step:
:Colouring the outer flap, back of the bag and strap/handle.

20121209-060600 PM.jpg

Step by step:
DAY 2:Colouring the front and inner flap.

20121209-060921 PM.jpg

I am SO glad that my bag has finally got a makeover. It took me about 3 days to give this bag a makeover. There are some bits where the bag hasn’t achieved 100% perfection, but I did try. I chose these bright colours because, I love bright colours and it definitely brightens and elevates my mood. And also, I didn’t have a bag so bright and colourful. I added the black colour because, once the colour black is involved, it instantly makes it wearable with most outfits. I cannot wait to use it now. So what do you all think of my bag? Like or dislike? Hope you have had or you are having an amazing weekend.xxxx

20121209-080101 PM.jpg

20121209-080407 PM.jpg

10 thoughts on “DIY bag makeover

  1. The bag looks amazing! Seriously I am so impressed πŸ™‚ Maybe you could start a business revamping designer handbags? I know I have a random baby pink coach bag sitting in my basement along with another bag that I am thinking of selling but I’m so curious what you could do with them? Great job girl!

    xoxo Hayley

    • Aww.. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Hayley. I was losing my patience towards the end of it and I just could not wait to be done with the whole painting thing. Errmmm.. Taking it up as a business, I am not very sure about that πŸ˜€

      Great! You have a chance to give your bag a makeover. Are you thinking of any colour? Baby pink is again a light colour, so I am sure any colour can be painted on that and it might look good. Probably colours you don’t have or like the most? But thank you so much. xxxxxx

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