Looking for a bright, bold, statement scarf?

I have always mentioned in my posts that I love anything bright, bold and something that adds a little statement to my wardrobe. Now this winter, I obviously cannot go chasing after sandals and sunglasses, so I thought I would rather buy some winter accessories. As usual I was looking up online for some luxury scarves and found this absolutely amazing website Mitandio. I was browsing through their collection and absolutely fell in love with every scarf they had on display. Some of my favourite pieces are…

20121214-012241 AM.jpg
Aren’t they gorgeous? These scarves are made of mixed silk-wool fabric. I love the ethnic/tribal/radiant/vivid prints these scarves exhibit. They are suitable for any season because of their fabric and prints. It is definitely worth having these in your closet. I cannot wait to get my hands on these. Absolutely love..love..love them.xxx

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