My friend A’s graduation ceremony

Today was my friend A’s Post-graduation ceremony at Barbican Centre in London. I accompanied her to her graduation ceremony. It brought back memories from my graduation day. So proud of you A and congratulations on completing you’re Master degree.xxxx

I am wearing….

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Dinner at friend’s

Saturday night dinner at our friend’s. We had an amazing fun filled evening/night/early morning (till about 5 am) at our friend’s. Good food, wine and lots of LOL throughout the night. Thank our hosts Y&A for a fun night and, M&S and P (my husband) for making it all the more

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More on CANCER

I found this very interesting and informative post on my friend’s Facebook page. I thought it’s worth sharing every bit of the information that was present in the text content. Please take a moment and read through this very helpful article. Thank you.

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I turned a year older or let’s just say younger πŸ˜‰ yesterday. My day typically began with family and friends wishing me. Isn’t it the best feeling is when you’re near and dear ones remember to wish you on you’re birthday? πŸ™‚

I had a super casual day/evening with my darling husband, who made it all the more special. A visit to the Temple, followed by lunch, coffee, shopping, dinner and cinema. Perfect! However, towards the end of the evening, the exertion caught up and I have ended up with slight flu, tucked warm in bed, writing this post now. Anyway, I had a fab birthday. Couldn’t ask for more. Happy weekend to you all.xxxxxx

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