Neon frenzy

I am pretty sure most of us have warmed to, or, we have taken a HUGE liking to neon colours since spring-summer 2012. I am definitely one amongst similar crazier friends of mine and neon addicts out there! Lol. The colour to some are blinding, but to me it depicts sheer happiness. Below are some neon accessories which I have collected over the past year, and a few added to my collection this new year. πŸ™‚

Accessorize neon clutch and collar necklace
Yesterday was a pleasant surprise when I received a post birthday present from my dear friend ‘Y’. As soon as I opened my present, my eyes lit up πŸ˜€ How cute is this necklace and clutch? I cannot wait to wear them. Thank you so much Y, I absolutely these.xxxxx

20130210-104959 PM.jpg

H&M neon necklace and earrings

20130210-102639 PM.jpg

Primark neon necklace, earring and finger rings

20130210-102554 PM.jpg

Zara neon belt and bracelet

20130210-102759 PM.jpg

New look neon necklaces

20130210-104119 PM.jpg

My DIY neon bib necklace

20130210-105245 PM.jpg

Hope you guys like my neon accessories? Wishing you all a bright week ahead admits this gloomy weather.xxxx

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