Basic up-do (step-by-step)

I love experimenting with new and different hairstyles. Just because I have short hair length, I do not let it get in the way to try different hairstyles. My hair is naturally wavy and I don’t like straightening it every other day. So on days where I feel I can’t be bothered with my hair, I tie it up into a pony tail or do a messy up-do.

I did a post on Double denimΒ few days agoΒ where I received a lot of compliments for my hair and, some of you requesting me on how I wore my hair. I have tried to do a step-by-step for some of you who messaged and asked me on how to do this very simple and basic up-do. The lighting is very unforgiving and I have to admit that it was hard taking pictures whilst doing this. I hope my efforts are well worth though. Thank you all so much for being very kind. πŸ™‚

To begin with,you will need…

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Maxi, black and stripe

The weather is still grey and gloomy and I am sure we most of us are feeling ‘blah’ about it. I can’t wait to wear proper summer bright coloured clothes. I was debating on my wardrobe choice for today and I finally settled for a beautiful casual stripe skirt, bought as a birthday present for me from my lovely friend. I love how the skirt has side splits till the knees. It was too cold outside so I had to wear it with tights beneath. Anyway, here’s my OOTD πŸ™‚

20130327-073827 PM.jpg

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My Bitstrips avatar

My cousin was going on about these cartoon comics on Facebook and it turns out there is an app called ‘Bitstrips’, which lets you create instant comics starring you and you’re friends who already have an avatar on it.
You can make you’re avatar appear as you’re comic status, make greeting cards and do other random stuff for fun.

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Soya chunks fry

Soya products are my favourite (except for soya milk!). Soya chunks, mini chunks and, soya mince, are a great substitute for meat products and they are equally tasty.

Soya also comes with additional health benefits when consumed moderately. These include; high protein content, ability to lower cholesterol, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and, they are rich in vitamins. Isn’t that great?! πŸ™‚

One of my favourite (of many!) soya recipes is what I would like to call, the ‘soya fry’. Thanks to my sister for sharing this recipe with me. I love this dish.


20130308-112407 PM.jpg

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DIY necklace (2)

So once again I have managed to give my plain necklace a makeover. I chose neon again! I know I need to lay off from neon, but the colours are just so irresistible and bang on trend, and I don’t want to give up as yet. πŸ˜€
I have used some black and neon coloured nail polishes to get the desired effect.

20130305-084010 PM.jpg

What do you guys think? Like πŸ˜€ or dislike 😦 . Xx

Ola aztec!

Yesterday I was out at the mall to give into my cravings(frozen yogurt) and, I spotted this cool aztec print dress by H&M.Β This is a bodycon(?) dress and I normally don’t wear bodycon dresses only because I am not too confident in them! Anyway, I tried a size bigger and since the dress stretches, I managed to fit into it. Lol. I’ve bought it now, however, I am still debating over its use and if the dress is a keeper? I am not sure if I will be making the most of it or, will it be lying untouched with the rest of my unused clothes at the back of my closet. If only they had them in skater style.

20130302-115358 PM.jpg

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