Would you like to participate?

Every time I do a post, it’s always been focused around me. I just realised that for once I could take away the focus from me and involve my family, friends and anyone interested to participate in one of my posts.

It’s simple. Since one/few of my recent posts were on pink, I decided on making a post where anyone interested in participating can send me pictures of their outfit in pink.

Why am I doing this? I will be honest. Initially when I came up with this idea, I wanted it to be a fun post. But then, I wanted my post to have some meaning to it and not just another fashion post. Since I published ‘a week in pink’ post during this month, I thought I could use it as an excuse to get you participating in my next post.

The colour ‘pink’ is not just a colour. It is a colour which also signifies ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’. I thought I could use this opportunity to contribute towards Breast Cancer Research and Awareness by raising funds for the Cancer charities. Coming May, it will be 2 years since I lost my Mother and, 12 years since I lost my Aunt to Breast Cancer. So if I could show support in a small way, I would.


What will you have to do? Just send me a picture of you wearing your outfit or shoes, nails, accessories or anything you wear in pink during the next couple of weeks. You can wear anything you want but, it will have to be in pink. I will then post the picture you send me along with other pictures of interested participants in my blog. No, don’t worry! I am not going to post a picture of you showing your face if you don’t want me to. It will just be a cropped picture of you in you’re outfit. Below is an example picture you may send. Of course, only I will know who you are and, I will not be mentioning your name or any details about you in my post. It is just going be the picture you send me. It will be great if you could get yourself involved in this cause.

How can you help? All I would need is just 1 picture from you. I decided that for every picture I receive from you, I will contribute £1 towards Cancer Research either here in the UK or in India. So, my contributions will be based on your participation.

How can you contact me? Please private message me on whatsapp, Facebook or, alternatively you can email me you’re pictures at myobsessionskb@gmail.com. Please do not feel obligated or compelled to participate for this cause. However, if you wish to participate, then it will be very kind of you to be contributing towards this cause.

By when should you send me you’re pictures? I know I mentioned this Friday to some of you, but that is too early. So now I will say by the 30th April 2013, which I think will give you all enough time to take pictures. I am hoping to receive you’re pictures by then. 🙂

I have attached a few pictures as an example that you may send. Any picture of you is acceptable as long as you have something in pink on you. I am really hoping to see you participate and show you’re support towards the cause. Thank you so much for taking time out to read this post. Have a good day. 🙂 xxx

20130417-125631 AM.jpg

10 thoughts on “Would you like to participate?

  1. Dor!!! Such a noble thought and a smart way of contributing your thoughts towards breast cancer awareness! Thanks dor, for making us get involved in this as well. I just sent a few of my pink pictures (lol) on whatsapp! Lots of 💗

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  5. Hi Kavya,

    What a great cause! I’m so sorry that I missed this opportunity to assist you as I just saw this post today. I will definitely take part if you are hosting another one:) Cheers!

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