❤ BB cream

I have been asked about my (flawless?!) skin off late and some of you have also messaged me asking how I have archived this ‘glow’. Well, first of all thank you so much. I am glad to know what I’ve been using has been working! (Hurray!!) :D. Truth to be told (and I am attaching a photo proof), just to show ‘how-so-not-flawless’ my skin actually is! 😦 😛

20130830-104247 AM.jpg
I have a lot of blemishes, breakouts, patchy/uneven skin tone,  under eye circle and a very combination skin. So it’s not perfect after all. But that’s ok! I am not complaining or moaning about it but it happens and I just have to find a way to deal with it. 😉 I have recently been on a ‘make-up haul’ and one of the best buys amongst the rest has to be this BB cream by Smashbox.

20130830-104917 AM.jpg
BB creams are nothing but beauty balm / blemish base / blemish balms. These are otherwise like tinted moisturisers. A perfect shade and a good BB cream can give you a flawless finish/coverage to your skin. Like most people, I wanted to know the difference between a ‘BB cream’ and a ‘foundation cream’. Ok here’s my opinion on the two. ‘Foundation creams’ can sometimes feel very heavy against my skin and I don’t like using foundation on a daily basis. I like something light and not too obvious on my skin for a more everyday/natural look. That is when a ‘BB cream’ comes into picture for me. It really smoothes and evens out the skin tone by hydrating  and covering the spots and blemishes. And, an added bonus is this BB cream by Smashbox comes with SPF 35! I absolutely love this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more natural everyday look. (Click here for more on BB cream video)

So here’s me after applying my BB cream (of course after applying my under eye concealer, mascara, khol, blusher and some lippy! :P)

20130830-110226 AM.jpg
Notice the difference? My ‘flawless skin’ is not a big secret after all… 😛 Have a good day folks. 🙂

7 thoughts on “❤ BB cream

  1. A before & after version always takes guts to do:) I love it that you are keeping it so real. I was planning on doing one similar post for my missha bb cream which I thought was near -perfect, but after seeing the results of smashbox am thinking i should try that too lol xx

    • Thank you my lovely. Hehe.. I don’t mind the before look because 70% of the time I go out like that! 😀 But yes, after my skin has gone bad ( 😦 ) I have been on a skin care mission to find something to hide these blemishes. I think I am like the seasons. One season I am shopping for clothes, next shoes and this time it’s been make-up! Lol.. You should do a review too. That will be interesting. I was debating on Bobbi Brown and Smashbox for this BB cream. Tried both but liked this so much better. It’s fun to go into stores and try them isn’t it? but doesn’t quite turn out the same though! 😛 Please do a post it will be nice to read your thoughts on it 🙂 xxx

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