Breast Cancer Awareness month (and your previous participation)

Couple of months ago I had posted a topic on participating for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, where I had requested family and friends to support me with my cause (click here full details). Today, being the 1st of October, a month dedicated towards Breast Cancer Awareness, I take the opportunity to thank everyone who took time to email or message me their pictures in pink to support my cause. This has meant a lot to me. As promised, I did donate the contributions to UK Cancer Research on the 19th of May, the day I lost my beloved Mother to this horrible illness.

Let us take a moment to remember and pray for all the brave people, their families and loved ones who are or have battled this illness together.

20131001-124606 pm.jpg

20131001-123913 pm.jpg

20131001-123951 pm.jpg

20131001-124005 pm.jpg

20131001-124023 pm.jpg

20131001-124038 pm.jpg

20131001-013615 pm.jpg

Thank you all so much once again for participating in my cause. You know who you are and, your participation would have benefited somebody who is battling Breast Cancer out there. Kindly let me know if you would still like to participate and we can help and support people who might benefit from this cause in similar ways. Many thanks.

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