Happy 1st Birthday to my blog

20131004-025714 pm.jpg

It has been a year, yes! ONE YEAR since I started my blog, ‘My Obsessions’.Β When I first started this blog, it was (and still is for) to feel inspired and to create a platform for my readers to interact about various topics that’s interests me. Most importantly, it has been very therapeutic to me over the past year. When I look back a few years from now, I would like to see my blog/posts as a journal where I have penned down things that have inspired and changed me since I have embarked on this journey.

I must say that I have met some wonderful people around the globe through my blog. Every blogger is unique and every detail is so different. The comments, suggestions and feedback I receive from family, friends and other bloggers inspires me to do more and continue doing what I love. It has been an amazing experience. Thank you all so much for supporting and encouraging me throughout this journey.


20131004-032139 pm.jpg

20131004-032205 pm.jpg
Never did I imagine that my blog would get so far and be viewed over 110 countries around the world. It truly makes me happy to know this. Thank you all so much for your support once again. It defiantly means a lot to me. Till next, ta! πŸ™‚ xx

10 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to my blog

  1. Wow! So a year has passed and how! Happy blog Birthday kavya! May you go on and on and on with many more iiiinterrrrestingggggg blogging!! Always looking forward to read!

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