The ‘Ombré’ effect

Long time no posts! What’s been happening in my life? Diaper change, hourly feedings and lack of sleep! But that has not stopped me from doing little things I like… For example getting this ‘Ombré’ hair done.. Call it a pamper day with a slight tinge of guilt for having my baby left at home whilst I sat in the salon for 3 long hours getting my hair done! 😉

20140218-090326 pm.jpg

Was it worth it? I’ll leave you to decide! 😉 Good day folks. 😀

9 thoughts on “The ‘Ombré’ effect

  1. A change is needed once in a while, I know I feel the same way. Glad mommy life is maintaining you happy and glowing ^_^ it will take me a while to get used to you new hair, because I always picture you as the brunette indian bombshell beauty and this is something new hehe

    • Awww… Your comments are always as beautiful as you Amira. Thank you so much sweetie! 😀 I know this hair is taking me a while to get used to it lol.. Hope you are well and you look sooo pretty in your picture. 🙂 xxxxx

  2. Kavss!! I am glad you are back with a post after ages :). I have always been iffy about dyeing my hair a lighter color but I may try it now! your new hair is ❤ Lots of love to the baby! xx

  3. Anything that makes you feel good, brings that glow on your face. Go for it Kavya. Jiyaa will love having a Cool Mom around.
    Looking Chic!
    Good to have you back with your posts. They make interesting read considering how plain a Jane I am.
    Love ♥♥ special ones to Jiyaa.

    • That’s so sweet Hema! Thank you SO much.. ☺️💗 It’s not Everyone’s cup of tea but I love the change.. Makes me feel happy.. 😃 I try and squeeze in a post when I can.. Haven’t been doing too much hence lack of posts.. But I’m so glad you know read my posts! ☺️☺️ u r special the way you are and your witty posts about Arav and Medha are the cutest.. Lots of 💗 to you and the little ones. Xxx

  4. Oh Kavya! Missed u all these days!! Glad to c u back with your interesting blogs. U look lovely!! Go for it Kavya, it is the right time!!

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