8+ months …….

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Aloha! I have missed being active and doing my regular posts. Let’s just say I was having days or ‘months’ of me time and not going over board with my pregnancy. But that does not mean I haven’t been documenting the weeks and months leading up to the birth of my beautiful daughter (blessed!). πŸ™‚

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‘JIYAA’ my baby girl πŸ’—

It has been a very long time since I’ve done my posts! I know I keep giving the same excuse every time but this one could be genuine and excused! πŸ˜›

I am so happy and proud to announce that my husband and me welcomed our darling precious baby girl ‘JIYAA’ on 11.12.13! πŸ˜€

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Breast Cancer Awareness month (and your previous participation)

Couple of months ago I had posted a topic on participating for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, where I had requested family and friends to support me with my cause (click here full details). Today, being the 1st of October, a month dedicated towards Breast Cancer Awareness, I take the opportunity to thank everyone who took time to email or message me their pictures in pink to support my cause. This has meant a lot to me. As promised, I did donate the contributions to UK Cancer Research on the 19th of May, the day I lost my beloved Mother to this horrible illness.

Let us take a moment to remember and pray for all the brave people, their families and loved ones who are or have battled this illness together.

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Looking for a bright, bold, statement scarf?

I have always mentioned in my posts that I love anything bright, bold and something that adds a little statement to my wardrobe. Now this winter, I obviously cannot go chasing after sandals and sunglasses, so I thought I would rather buy some winter accessories. As usual I was looking up online for some luxury scarves and found this absolutely amazing website Mitandio. Continue reading

What is ‘DIET’ according to you?

I decided to write this post because I have been asked this question a number of times recently, “are you dieting?”. There seems to be a lot of confusion with regards to the word ‘dieting’. Some of you may call it, “healthy eating”, the rest may simply say “not eating at all”. Well the later to me is ‘starving’! In simple terms, the word ‘diet’ is used to refer to “the sum of food consumed by an organism or a group”, as quoted by the famous Wikipedia. Continue reading

What a girl wants, what a girl needs…

I cannot help but hum to Christina Aguilera’s song/lyrics “what a girl wants, what a girl needs…”, whilst I write this post. No! I am not talking about falling in love, holding his hands or being in his arms or anything love related. I am talking about the other fantasies like shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery, make up and a lot more, a woman secretly/openly loathes and fantasises, and a man/most men might never understand or make an attempt to understand like my beloved. Lol. So here’s what I am talking about…….. Continue reading