Comic print skirt

Ok, so this was the comic strip all about. It happens to be a SKIRT! Lol. Sorry about the unnecessary hype for this. 😀
I have never worn pencil/tube skirts before (mainly due to bum and tum issues!). But when I saw this print, I knew I had to have it. I bought this skirt online and, I was a little apprehensive about it because I wasn’t sure how it would fit and look on me. Anyhow, with a little help from my secret friend called ‘spanx’ and, with occasional tummy suck-in, I think was able to manage wearing it for most time during the day. 😀

So that is me wearing..

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Printed trousers & Maxi skirts

I have totally been lusting after printed trousers and maxi skirts/dresses lately. They are all over the place with vibrant colours and bold prints and, are marking a huge trend for this spring/summer. For someone like me who’s supposed to avoid ‘printed trousers’ (because of my backside which makes me look like Donald Duck’s twin! Lol), I just could not resist not buying them. 😀

Here’s a sneak peek from my printed trousers and maxi skirt collection. I am dying to wear them all and when I do so, I will make sure I try and do a post on each 🙂

Printed trousers…

20130408-120507 AM.jpg

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Ola aztec!

Yesterday I was out at the mall to give into my cravings(frozen yogurt) and, I spotted this cool aztec print dress by H&M. This is a bodycon(?) dress and I normally don’t wear bodycon dresses only because I am not too confident in them! Anyway, I tried a size bigger and since the dress stretches, I managed to fit into it. Lol. I’ve bought it now, however, I am still debating over its use and if the dress is a keeper? I am not sure if I will be making the most of it or, will it be lying untouched with the rest of my unused clothes at the back of my closet. If only they had them in skater style.

20130302-115358 PM.jpg

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